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Al-hawamedah and Samarah legal services company is one of the leading companies in the field of providing legal services and consulting specialized in various fields of law to a number of companies of all kinds in the public, private and government sectors, as the services provided by the company depend on in-depth and quality legal studies in all fields so that we provide legal What distinguishes this office from others is the team working within the company, as it has repeatedly proved that it enjoys a high level of professionalism, based on the high educational level of the team.they are understood by the holders of higher scientific degrees. indeed, some of them have obtained degrees from the best local and international universities, adding to the team a solid and broad legal background. they are flexible enough to adapt and invest all their energy and intellectual resources in order to deal with all kinds of issues, no matter how complex they are, whether internal or external. The company's administrators are keen to introduce the best means of modern technology in order to achieve the best results at the speed required for the completion of the business and organize it in an optimal manner.accordingly, the company is committed to providing legal advice and services in its own offices, except in exceptional cases, based on the request of the client and taking into account the nature of some of the works that require moving to the client's location.
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Lawyer Mrs. Remaa Sulaiman Samarah

Senior consultant in the company Read More.

Lawyer Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-hawamedah

Partner and principal advisor of the company Read More.

Lawyer Dr. Aladdin Mohamed Deeb Ababneh

Senior consultant in the company Read More.

Lawyer Mohamed Hussein judges

- Holds a bachelor's degree in law and Islamic sciences.
- Practicing lawyer since 2019.

Lawyer Dr. Hassan shammout

A lawyer who specializes in cases of personal status, inheritance and will.

Lawyer Ahmed ahmoud Awamleh

- Holds a bachelor's degree in law from the University of Jordan .
- Practicing lawyer since 2019.

Lawyer Ibrahim Qadri

- Holds a bachelor's degree in law from the University of Jerash.
- Practicing lawyer since 2019.

Although the company does not give any expectations regarding the outcome of any case to which it is entrusted, The staff affirms its absolute commitment to take all measures and care expected to make every effort to achieve a result Positive for the issues that the company is entrusted with.
Company supported languages
The client is free to choose the language of communication and / or legal work so that our team is ready to deal with both Arabic or English or combining the two languages together to achieve the greatest satisfaction of the client Conduct his work in the manner he deems appropriate for his legal work.
Confidentiality of work
A l-hawamedah and Samarah legal services company has complete independence and confidentiality in issuing legal consultations All members of the team are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of information under internal written agreements within The company's framework is in accordance with the provisions of the bar code, which is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of information. Note that this Commitment binding the team remains standing even after working with the client company.


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